Tuesday, July 30, 2013

{Foodee} Aston's Buffet @ Centrepoint

We had a late celebration of Gay's birthday sometime last month at Aston's in Centrepoint. Now Aston's has always been one of my favorite restaurants because they have really affordable but delicious meals and they have branches in lots of places. The Centrepoint branch is their only one that offers a buffet, however, and their menu looks different from other Astons.


It doesn't have my usual - the hickory chicken meal - so I went with the grilled chicken dinner, which is basically that except with a different sauce. I chose french fries as my side while Gay had mashed potato. I don't know why it has to come with a side considering it already comes with a buffet with loads of sides.

Grilled chicken dinner with french fries
My choice of side dishes

Now a typical Aston's chicken meal costs around 6-8 sgd with two sides, but this one costs 21.90. It's a really good deal though because the buffet comprises dozens of different side dishes (flavoured rice, pasta, corn, salads, steamed veggies, sauerkraut, etc), soup, dessert (fruits, soft ice cream with choices of toppings) and drinks (soda, coffee).


Closer look at the buffet choices

Drinks buffet

Soft ice cream machine

We ate so much that I was so stuffed until the next day. We had come in early, before 6pm, but left after 3 hours, which the waiter remarked on with: "Wow, 3 hours huh." We were also catching up aside from just eating, okay? We do like to talk too much when we meet, like that time we had a four-hour brunch in McDonald's. Oops. We had not noticed that a long queue had also formed outside! We were so busy eating and talking that we even forgot to take a group photo. I only have this one photo of the birthday girl by herself. Oh well.


  1. how fun! thanks for sharing all the pics. food looks delicious as usual!

  2. I am now extremely hungry and it's only 9.30 am. :)


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