Sunday, December 21, 2014

Holiday Card Swap Reveal

It's time for the Holiday Card Swap reveal!

I got partnered with the lovely Angie of My So Called Chaos. Here are her answers to our Christmas questions:

1) What are your best memories about the holidays?
The holidays were always a big time in my household. Baking Christmas cookies with my mother, setting up the tree, and of course gathering around to open one present before going to bed and waiting for Santa. Also, my dad likes to make a big breakfast Christmas morning and the whole family sits and eats together.

2) Do you have any family traditions you like to follow over the holiday season?
Not really any specific traditions... Just getting together with family and dad making breakfast.

3) What's the worst Christmas gift you've ever got?
Hmm... I honestly can't think of a "worst" Christmas gift.

4.) What are your favourite holiday movies or books?
I love White Christmas, Nightmare Before Christmas, A Muppet Christmas Carol, Miracle on 34th Street, Scrooged, National Lamoon's Christmas Vacation...

5.) If you could ask Santa for any material present for this Christmas, what would it be?
I would really like a Kitchenaid mixer... Or a nice big set of Copic Markers to use for art!

Meanwhile, here are my answers:

1) What are your best memories about the holidays?
I love everything about Christmas... the parties, decorations, carols, movies, and the crisp cool air. But I guess the christmas carols were my favourite part about the holidays as a child. I loved going around to our neighbor's houses with my friends and belting out the Christmas classics in all our off-key glory.

2) Do you have any family traditions you like to follow over the holiday season?
We don't really have specifics, we just like to gather over dinner on Christmas eve. We celebrate new year more than Christmas because it's my dad's birthday, so we used to save the festivities for that, when my parents would cook up a mean feast. I was always in charge of shredding the boiled chicken for the chicken macaroni salad and I'd get scolded for eating some of it instead of shredding it.

3) What's the worst Christmas gift you've ever got?
We always had exchange gifts in class while I was in school, where they would set a minimum price for the gift. Once, I got an obviously already used doll. She clearly did not buy it and just grabbed it off a shelf at home.

4.) What are your favourite holiday movies or books?
It's my holiday tradition to watch Love Actually every year. I also love While You Were Sleeping, It's a Wonderful Life, The Holiday, Serendipity, any film set during Christmas, actually!

5.) If you could ask Santa for any material present for this Christmas, what would it be?
I would love travel vouchers to Europe! Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight! :)

What are YOUR answers to the questions?

If you're participating in the swap, please hop over to Beauty Expression for the linky!

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Friday, December 19, 2014

I'm Actually an Introvert

Most people label me as an extrovert. All the personality tests I take say the same thing. 

But today I realized that I might be an introvert after all. 


Because I am sitting in the corner of a dark room instead of going downstairs and mingling with my brother's family-in-law and other guests. 

I love to talk, but not with strangers. I hate small talk with strangers. I can manage it, and I'm really very good at it, but I don't enjoy it very much. 

So I would rather sit in this dark room surfing the internet while listening to Christmas songs playing over my dad's laptop. 

My dad's probably secretly an introvert too, because he's sitting in the same dark room with me. But we're both not talking. I'm here blogging. And he's there singing softly along with the songs blaring from his laptop. 

Unlike my mom, who is downstairs making new friends. That woman talks to anyone. ANYONE. We always joke about her chattiness, betting on how long it will take her to find out that she's related to a stranger she just started talking to. 

That actually happened once before, you see. Or maybe twice. 

That woman is definitely an extrovert. 

But I'm getting hungry so maybe I need to go downstairs for dinner in a while. I wish I didn't have to. It's really cozy here in my dark cold corner, the video of a crackling fireplace that accompanies my dad's Christmas songs gives me such warm fuzzy feelings and I don't want to leave. 

Or maybe these fuzzy feelings are the effect of my SVP's good news which he relayed over the cellphone to me a few hours ago. I got an unexpected promotion. Best Christmas gift ever. :)

Happy holidays,

My Brother's Wedding

Mg brother got married earlier today. 

I was a bridesmaid or secondary sponsor in charge of the cord, so it meant I had to be up at 6 am so I could wait in line to get my hair and makeup done. 

The bride was first priority, of course. Then my mom and I got our hair and makeup done. Then we went back to the house next door where the official photographers took our family photos. 

That's not it. That one was taken using my phone. 

Then more photos were taken and we were finally on our way to the church for a solemn ceremony and they finally got married. 

There were a few goofs during the ceremony, but none too major. 

After they were pronounced husband and wife there were the usual pictorials. 

They exited the church doors to a shower of confetti and cheers. 

Then we moved to another location for the lunch reception. 

It was small but beautifully decorated. 

The entire entourage was announced by name and we danced to our seats a table placed in front, right across the principal sponsors. 

Then the bride and groom walked into the room while all the guests showered them with coins. 

Welcome remarks were given by both sets of parents

Then I led the opening prayer and we were finally ready to eat. We had plates ready with food on our special table. 

But there was a buffet table for everyone else. 

Shortly afterwards, the bride and groom surprised us with a duet of the song "All of Me."

Then there were speeches given by the maid of honor and best man before we all toasted the couple. 

Then the newlyweds took their first dance as a married couple and danced with both sets of parents. At this point I could not help but shed a tear. This always gets me!

There were also a few games related to the garter and bouquet. 

There was also the cutting of the cake ceremony. 

I don't have pictures of these because my feet were killing me at this point. I am not used to wearing sky high stiletto heels anymore!

Then finally the program was done and it was time to go. 

They distributed their cute souvenirs - stuffed toy camels from Dubai, because the couple lives in the middle east. 

There was anothere souvenir - a photobooth outside. So I pulled my parents and the best man, who was a childhood friend, into a picture. The newlyweds joined us. 

I will post the official photos once they've been released. I still can't believe it only cost them 25,000 pesos for a package that includes pre nup pictures, tarpaulin, on site pictures, and photo booth! 

All in all, I'd say it went pretty well for a wedding that only took around 3 months to plan! (And no, my sister-in-law is NOT pregnant. People always seem to think that rushed weddings are because of unplanned pregnancies.)

Happy holidays,

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