Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Night Out with a Visitor from Sydney

My friend Chu, who lives in Sydney, visited us in Singapore for the weekend before heading to Thailand for the Songkran Festival.

The guy loves crabs, so when he read my blog post about Mellben Seafood, he said we should definitely have dinner there. So last Saturday night, I showed up at 8pm and was shocked at the long queue. Maya showed up after a few minutes so I had someone to queue with, thank goodness, because we were finally ushered to a table only at 9pm. Yes, you read that right - we waited for AN HOUR to be seated. @__@

We had a problem finding people who could speak English to take our orders, and we did, we were disheartened to discover that they had run out of our favorite salted egg pork ribs. We were supposed to try the butter crab this time, but upon finding that out, we switched it to salted egg crab instead. We also ordered crab bee hoon, neslum prawns, and tofu. Everything was delicious.

After that, we all headed for Jeff's flat so Chu could stash his luggage. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, he had just landed and directly went to Mellben's for dinner. We relaxed in Jeff's living room for a bit.

Then we rode the MRT to Raffles Place so we could go to 1 Altitude, the highest al fresco bar in - the world, I think. (Singapore is big on breaking world records. The Singapore Flyer beat the London Eye, for example.) To my utter dismay, there was once again a very long queue. What is with tonight, anyway??

While in the queue, we took pictures, and this girl gladly offered to take a pic of all of us (I had forgotten to bring my monopod), but her friend photobombed us. We said it was fine because we thought it was funny.

We finally reached the start of the queue, where we were asked to choose a drink that came with the S$30 entrance fee. Whoa, wasn't it only S$18 before? But I guess that was a long time ago. I had been there before, when I had a David Beckham doppelganger sighting and when I had a funny flirty moment with a British guy while in the queue.

We had to ride two lifts to get up to 63rd floor. There was a funny moment when we got on the first lift, when it sounded when Jeff got on. The security guy wanted him to get off, but the other security guy outside told him, why don't YOU get off? And he did. Jeff said he wouldn't have gotten off anyway, haha.

The second lift's door's opened to a party scene - music pumping, people dancing on the floor flanked with trees. Yes, trees.

I led my friends to the bar counter where we collected our drinks - monster mojitos and Singapore slings.

Then we walked up the steps that led to the upper deck which offered this breathtaking view of Singapore at night.

I got reprimanded by a bouncer for taking that picture, by the way, because the camera was too far out and in danger of falling and doing damage to something or worse, hurting someone below. Oops, sorry.

We decided to dance near the glass wall overlooking Singapore instead of the dance floor, where it was too noisy. #signsofaging

After a while, I noticed that Jefrey had a particular dance step and jokingly said, "Let's do the Jefrey dance!" and mimicked him. Everybody did too. Then it became a game that night.

"Jefrey dance!" We waved our right arms above our heads, with our left hands crossed over our tummies.

"Chu dance!" We wiggled about like monkeys.

"Heidee dance!" We jiggled our upper bodies.

"Cate dance!" Chu clasped his hands behind his lower back and jumped up and down like a cheerleader, which Cate used to be.

"Maya dance!" I fluttered my fingers on each side of me, like a bird flapping its wings. Maya is Filipino for sparrow, a bird. Get it?

"Tatsie dance!" I forgot what we did for this. Oops.

"Swimming dance!" We pretended to swim.

"Drowning dance!" We pretended to drown.

"Statue dance!" We pretended to be statues.

"Newspaper dance!" I jumped at Chu and pretended we were stepping on a folded up piece of newspaper, like in the game.

All that dancing eventually wore everyone out except Chu. As we watched him dancing on while we sat, yawning and rubbing our sore soles, we asked each other, "Where does he get the energy??"

Thankfully he decided to let us go home. This was at around 2 am, only about 1 hour since we went in. #signsofaging

It was really fun, I have to admit. Even Maya, who usually hates crowds and noise and bars, said that she really enjoyed herself, surprisingly.

"It's the company," Chu explained.

"Exactly," Maya agreed.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Monopod Selfies are the Best Selfies Ever

Last year, I bought a hand held monopod, which is a gadget you attach to your camera to allow you to kind of extend your arm and take a shot of yourself using the timer function. Think tripod but with one leg, hence the name. Since then, life has never been the same. Okay, I exaggerate, let me rephrase that - selfies have never been the same.

My brother using my monopod and camera

But life hasn't been the same too, actually, because whenever I take it out, complete strangers approach me to ask where I bought it. Can't blame them. It really is a very nifty gadget and is my favorite camera accessory ever. I mean, how else can you take pictures of everyone in the group without having to ask some stranger to do it? You can use your hands, sure, but that would only show your very close up faces without the nice background, and sometimes, you want the background. It's also perfect for solo wanderers.

Here are some of the best photos I have taken using it. You can click on the captions to check out the blog posts where I originally used the pictures.

A Valentine's  Day Toast

Farewell lunch for Nantoy

River Safari

A solo luxury movie experience

Ocean Park Hong Kong vacation with my family

Girls night out at the Peninsula hotel

Reunion and birthday party @ Barcino, The Fort

And oh yeah, the photo I use for my blog button (over there on my sidebar) was taken with it too.

Wanna buy one? Check out this post to find out where I bought mine.

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge, a blog hop that goes through the alphabet for all the days of April except Sundays. You can check out all my posts through this tag.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Lovely "Sakura" Blossoms in Singapore

Singapore has only two seasons - dry or wet, but it seems like spring season around here these days thanks to these flowering trees. I've been living here for over 5 years but this is the first time this has happened. Last Friday, my friends and I took a detour on the way to lunch just so we could have a pictorial with this pretty bouquet of a tree. #happiness

Here are some more pictures of other trees that were snapped by my roommate.

According to this article, the pinkish/purplish blooms are called the pink mempat, while the ones with the white blossoms are trumpet trees.

Also according to that same article, the mass flowering is especially rare for a country like Singapore, as the local climate of uniformly wet without prolonged period of dry spell does not cause such mass flowering to occur. However, the prolonged dry spell in the recent month followed by a sudden heavy rain triggered the intense mass flowering of the trees, thus creating this "Sakura" season in Singapore. Thanks, Mother Nature! :)

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge, a blog hop that goes through the alphabet for all the days of April except Sundays. You can check out all my posts through this tag.

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